Last night I ordered so many wonderful products from my new favorite, can’t get enough of, website! Their products are pure enough to eat, although I wouldn’t suggest that! They have amazing skincare lines from acne prone to reverse aging. I ordered a cleanser,toner, scrub, and moisturizer! I even ordered new mascara made of 100% pure ingredients! I’m a huge advocate for natural products but this takes it even a step further. Even the products I buy at health food stores can’t compare to this!

I also ordered a couple items from their kids line to check out, vanilla scented (my favorite)! Zoey’s cute cheeks will be even more tempting to kiss all day long, I didn’t think that was possible!

As you try to heal your body of toxins from the inside out, take a look at what you are putting on the outside that’s getting in. I’ve used natural deodorant for years because of an eye opening article about aluminum and parabens that linked to breast cancer. I have to do everything in my control to stay vibrant and healthy for my daughter, future children, and husband!

100 Percent Pure

Do the products you are putting on your skin everyday contain parabens? Do you even know what a paraben is when listed as an ingredient? Here’s a good resource for the technical terms that you’ll find listed as ingredients!

Read more about parabens here…and what to look for in deodorants here.

I will warn you…ignorance is bliss!

Happy Monday!


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