First of all…I’d venture to say 95 percent of you…if not all of you are NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER!

My husband calls me the water natzi! It’s true I’m constantly stressing to him and everyone around me that water is so important to your health. There are so many other drink options throughout the day that most forget to drink water. Think about it, you start your day with coffee, then go onto soda (yuck don’t get me started on that crap), then afternoon juice, then alcohol in the evening. This is a very very typical day for most.

Let’s start off easy. If the description above sounds like you, start drinking a glass of water in between each of those other drinks. Eventually cut out the other drinks and just stick to water. I promise your skin will glow, your digestive system will thrive, and you will feel much better!

Water guidelines: At least half of your body weight divided by two, that is how many ounces you should be getting…AT LEAST!

My parents are hooked on alkaline water. My mom started seeing a healer and he stressed the importance of detoxing our acidic bodies with alkalizing foods and alkaline water! I did a post a couple years ago on alkalizing foods and getting our bodies back in line with the proper Ph balance we need. The benefit of a vegan diet is most of the highly acidic foods people consume are on the no-no list for vegans. Acidic environments are breeding grounds for disease. It’s not just what we eat, a lot of our acidic contributors are found in our drinks. Coffee, tea and most people’s favorite passtime…alcohol. So unless you want to live under a rock and never enjoy life, adding alkaline water to your diet can be very beneficial.

There are many benefits to flushing our system out with Alkaline water.
Antioxidant: Fight the aging process
Detoxification: Flushes out the deadly toxins
Improved Mental Clarity
Increased Energy: An energy boost without the calories or crash
More Stamina
Better Sleep
Reduces Joint & Muscle Pain
Assists in Weight Loss
Boosts Immune System: Less frequent colds and flus (tis the season)
Improved Digestion
Improved Appearance of Skin & Hair
Reduces Lactic Acid: Less muscle cramps means better workouts
Super Hydration without the Bloating
Increased Absorption Efficiency of Nutrients
Improved Taste & Purity
It’s how water was intended to taste like

So yes I’m now driving to Carlsbad to get this water. My husband just recently discovered he has chronic dehydration. Every time he would work out he would get such a bad migraine. I’ve pushed him to drink more water for years…he was raised on soda! Luckily, the alkaline water has made a huge difference in fixing his issue!


2 Responses to Driving 35 miles for water…but it’s worth it!

  1. Nicole says:

    I’m always confused about what water I should be drinking! I drink SO much water every day and I use a Brita and then drink my filtered water at work but I’ve wondered a bout alkaline water… Hmm thanks for the post! Something to consider for sure!

  2. Adam says:

    I think the other thing about tap water via a brita filter is that you still get the flouride which nobody talks about, but is apparently awful for you…

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