I’ve turned into my father over the years. Yelling at the TV when I’m frustrated with someone’s presentation. Only, he yells at political shows, I’m yelling at commercials.

Ever wonder why you don’t see advertisements for fruit or vegetables. How about legumes, nuts, seeds, or any other plant based food? You’ll see an orange starring in a commercial, that’s for a juice that’s anything but truly pure squeezed orange juice. Unfortunately, advertisers can skew what they say in a way that makes you believe it’s 100 percent juice when really it’s more chemistry than nature that you are tasting. Try taking oranges and squeezing them yourself, you’ll notice a difference. Here’s an incredible article on what really happens in manufacturing Orange Juice.

Another favorite commercial of mine is Hidden Valley’s new Farmhouse Originals. The commercial paints this beautiful scene of farm grown pure ingredients. Here’s how they trick you. If someone told you “This product is made with water and herbs.” It gets in your head that’s all that it’s made of…ahhh the wonderful trick of saying made with but omitting the ingredient list in it’s entirety. So farmhouse originals says “Our new farmhouse originals are made with the purest ingredients like, canola oil, balsamic vinegar, and italian herbs and spices” What they neglect to tell you is it’s also made with sugar (second ingredient) salt, phosphoric acid, xantham gum, sorbic acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and calcium disodium edta…just to mention a few! So seemingly trying to be “healthier” you walk into the grocery store remember the commercial and think what a great option! WRONG!

V8 juice for example “Could have had a V8″ umm no! Yeah eat super unhealthy all day but if you have this RECONSTITUTED vegetable juice that’s anything but pure pressed juice (didn’t know natural flavors counted as 100& juice must be a new vegetable I haven’t heard of) you’ll live a long healthy life. Hidden Valley’s claim the only way to get to eat your vegetables is to put flavored cream and artificial crap on them…here’s an idea. Don’t trick yourself into eating vegetables. Start actually trying to add them to your diet in a good way. Throw them into a fruit smoothie if you have to but please don’t think ranch is the “only way to eat your vegetables”. These are just a few that rile me up because I know it’s getting into people’s heads that it’s healthy!

I’m not even touching on true junk food. It makes me so frustrated to watch kids channels. Every other commercial is for a junk food…seriously it makes me sad. The kid is then at the grocery store begging for crap they’ve seen on TV and the parent caves. Why do we need to be “sold” on food? Why does food or pharmacuticals get all the air time? Last I checked it was super easy, fun and tasty to eat unhealthy foods so why the hours upon hours of expensive airspace? For once I wish organic lettuce had a commercial. Maybe a health analysis on the incredible properties of an organic banana…find yours at local markets today! Maybe I’m dreaming.

No false advertising here!!

No false advertising here!!

My final thought MILK COMMERCIALS! Ugggg they seriously get me more frustrated than anything. From the man that picks up the wheel barrel and his arms fall off because he doesn’t drink milk…to my new favorite The Rock starting his day of defeating world dominating aliens with a glass of milk. Yep that’s got to be the best protein source out there. Where would we be without milk? Just to compare simply almond to cow…almond milk has the same amount of protein, calcium and vitamin D but 70 less calories. Not to mention almond milk doesn’t have horomones, come from a cow that’s fed nothing close to it’s natural diet, and doesn’t create mucus in your body. Mucus is your bodies way of getting rid of toxins…weird. Mull that one over for a minute. MILK DOES NOT DO THE BODY GOOD. No matter how many celebrities post their milk mustache or how many times you see a commercial throughout the day. I’ve got a milk to milk comparison coming up that I’ll finish this weekend…so more on that later!

In conclusion TODAY try to eat food that doesn’t have a commercial. Actually EVERYDAY eat foods that no one is buying airtime for. Why would they need to sell you on food if it’s so perfect for you? Why is every other commercial about food if they know you are going to have to go grocery shopping for your family and you’ll be exposed to their products weekly? Why doesn’t lettuce, bananas, persimmons, cucumbers, raw organic nuts or raw organic seeds get any airtime?

This is just the best

This is just the best


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