Now, let me start off by saying TO EACH HIS OWN. I find parents can get very defensive if you don’t do things the way they do. Fact is, I make my decisions on parenting just as other parent makes their own decision, research and instincts. Nutrition is so important to me especially when it comes to my children. I suffered from terrible digestive issues and food allergies since I was a little girl all the way up until I was 22 and decided to go vegan. While I still have occasional issues, I’ve never felt better. So, from my experiences, there is a lot of caution I will be taking when I start to introduce food to Zoey. Here’s some tips I’ve been learning so far.

First of all: Timing is everything. I’ve made the decision to exclusively breast feed until at least 8 months. My pediatrician recommends at least 6 months and I plan to take it a step further. Food allergies are now commonly linked to being introduced to food too early. So I’d rather be safe than sorry. Plus it’s well known that “food before 1 is just for fun” so why risk it.

Second: Introduce vegetables first. Babies are born with a preference to sweets. So getting their taste buds exposed to yummy vegetables first allows you a better chance of getting them to enjoy vegetables. This has been debated, but truthfully it makes the most sense to me. Breastmilk is high enough in sugar as it is.

Third: No rice cereal. My favorite doctor to follow, Dr. Mercola explains, “When flour is refined to make cereal, the most nutritious part of the grain is removed, so the flour essentially becomes a form of sugar.” Yikes! Most pediatricians suggest adding this to babies diets around 4 months of age through their bottle. I may have dark circles under my eyes for a couple more months of Zoey waking up every 4 hours but I’m willing to sacrifice beauty (hell haven’t all moms already?) to not have that be her first food.

I’m so thrilled to see what her taste buds love and hate. I can’t wait to use all the cute bibs I have especially the ones from Taking Care of Bibness…LOVE them! For now though…mommy will have to do!

Here’s a good little reference I found for best first foods!

Obviously if you intend to raise your children on a vegan diet disregard the eggs, meat, and cheese!

Obviously if you intend to raise your children on a vegan diet disregard the eggs, meat, and cheese!


2 Responses to Introducing Food To Baby

  1. Abbey says:

    As a vegetarian, I’ve often thought of how I would feed my kids (when the time comes haha). I want to give my kids the best chance at life and I know nutrition is a huge part of that. But should I feed them meat and/or animal products? Doesn’t a growing child need all parts of the food pyramid to grow up strong and healthy? Or is this information just crap the government and big food companies feed us? Anyway, what I’m asking is this: what are your beliefs on feeding our children animal products? Should my child be a vegetarian just because I am? Thanks for your time!

  2. Michelle Rose says:

    In the few short months I’ve been a mom I’ve discovered that whatever your decisions are as a parent are the right one. Trusting your instincts with not fail you. In my personal opinion, many people deem it impossible to be vegan because every meal they consume on a regular basis contains animal products. There is no doubt that most are eating too much meat and dairy and forgetting about their friends the vegetable and the fruit. There is also a lot of junk food out there that doesn’t contain animal products that children do not need. So it’s not just eating vegan/vegetarian but eating pure unprocessed food. Personally, I won’t introduce animal products to my daughter for the first couple years of life. As kids get into school, you start to lose some control. I will be teaching her along the way though what food is fuel, and what food is empty. I think that’s the most important lesson. I wish someone had given me more nutritional advice growing up. I was an overweight child and teenager and until I took matters into my own hands and educated myself on nutrition did I accomplish my body goals. In answering your second question I would ask yourself why you are a vegetarian. If you have strong convictions for not eating meat, then I would find it hard to believe you wouldn’t raise a vegetarian. However, if you don’t then I’m sure you won’t mind introducing meat to your children. If you do choose to raise your child vegan/vegetarian you definitely have to be educated on what your child needs dietary wise (how much fat, protein, carbohydrates) and make sure that your meals are complete. I have an amazing pediatrician that is a nutritionist as well and she has been an incredible guide. I also bought books on introducing foods to babies, and childhood nutrition that have helped me make informed decisions when thinking about my child’s future. I hope this helps :) I’m not an expert just doing the best I know how!

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