For all my fellow breastfeeding mamas out there you know it’s hard to find time to pump! Since I am a stay home mom, I was never really forced to get on the pumping train. Frankly, I hate pumping. When you are exclusively nursing your baby, you really don’t want to spend your down time pumping. Trust me, the girls are a little spent at the end of the day! In preparation for a few planned dates with my husband this month, I decided enough is enough it’s time to dedicate a couple times a day to pumping.

I don’t feel comfortable freezing milk in plastic. Just doesn’t make me feel too safe. So I thought to myself, what can I dump the milk into that’s glass for freezing purposes. Now, if you came to my home you would see that if I can, I will use a mason jar for just about anything. Candle holder, flower vase, drinking glass, and yes milk storage. The best thing about it is that using a 12oz mason jar sets goals for myself over two days. I pump and continually feel the mason jar that I have in the fridge. Once it’s full I bop it into the freezer. It’s perfect for when Zoey is going to be with Honey and Tutu they have 12 oz instead of 6 2oz storage bottles.

10oz perfect to drop in my parents fridge when I'm going to be gone for more than 2 hours!

10oz perfect to drop in my parents fridge when I’m going to be gone for more than 2 hours!

I found amazing glass bottles that have a silicone sleeve to protect them from breaking. BRILLIANT. I originally registered for them on but found them for less expensive on Amazon.

So cute! I love them!

So cute! I love them!


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