I was craving miso soup the other day, well to be honest I crave it everyday. I used to have a cup of miso everyday when I would come home from work.  It would suppress my appetite, help me get in a fermented food of the day, plus it was warm and comforting.  You can buy miso paste at local health food stores and you just dissolve it in hot water. Simple enough!

Yesterday, in the midst of a day of fasting, this sweet idea came to my mind.  Miso spinach! Add a couple cups of spinach to my miso soup! You could easily add tofu, legumes, or more vegetables. Miso has so much flavor it makes everything taste good! Plus, you only need a tiny bit!

Hold onto your hats, this is extremely complex.

1 teaspoon of miso paste (your choice red, green, white, etc)

2 cups of water

3 cups of spinach


1. Bring the cups of water to  a boil, add spinach

2. When the spinach has cooked down remove from heat and dissolve miso paste.




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