I caught the end of a very interesting segment on the Dr. Oz show. A woman was on, discussing a horomone balancing diet. She explained that women suffering from P.M.S. or other horomonal imbalance issues really shouldnt be experiencing those at all. All could be cured through a diet. Without going into too much information on her diet, the one part that really interested me was her analysis on soy.

Soy in it’s purest form is an incredible food. Soy gets a lot of flak in the world for releasing too much estrogen. My brother thinks if he eats soy he’ll grow boobs. Seriously, who comes up with this? However, not all soy is created equal.

Like most foods in our diet, the more processed, the worse it becomes for you. The large culprit of soy getting a lot of flak would be when it’s stripped to make products like soy protein isolate. This is found in protein bars, meal replacement shakes, bottled fruit drinks, soups and sauces, meat analogs, baked goods, breakfast cereals and some dietary supplements. Soy protein isolate is separated or isolated from the other components of the soybean, making it nearly 90% protein and mostly carbohydrate and fat free. Sounds good right? WRONG. The nutritionist on Dr. Oz highlighted that it’s stripped down to the most estrogen part of the soybean, and eating this reacts in your body as though you ate 10X that amount of estrogen.

If you are going to eat soy eat it in the purest ORGANIC form. Edamame is the best. I will boil a half a cup of shelled edamame and add a little pepper put it in a ziploc and take it with me. It tastes good hot or cold, unlike other beans. Avoid soy sub-products like the following.

Soya, Soja or Yuba
TSF (textured soy flour) or TSP (textured soy protein)
TVP (textured vegetable protein)
MSG (monosodium glutamate)

Trust me, I had to search high and low for a new protein bar! Seemed like that darn soy protein isolate was in everything!!


2 Responses to Omitting Soy Protein Isolate

  1. Krista Munns says:

    What protein bar did you find?? Deets, please :)

  2. Michelle Rose says:

    I’ve been trying a lot of different ones. My favorite would be Larabar’s Peanut Butter Cookie because it’s got three simple ingredients. As for when I need a chocolate fix, GoMacro is my favorite but they run almost $4.00 a bar!! Larabar is a lot more cost effective. My only wish is that they were Organic!

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