This is my go-to smoothie to start the day. Packed with nutrition it gives me a great boost! I love that VegaOne is packed with nutrition. It has as much protein as 2.7 eggs, as many probiotics as a cup of yogurt, same amount of omega-3 as 2.3 servings of salmon, antioxidants equal to 2.7 cups of blueberries, as much fiber as 3.2 slices of bread and three servings of green vegetables. The best part…it’s 146 calories for all that nutrition. BEST PART…it tastes wonderful!


I have a sweet tooth no matter WHAT time of the day so being able to have a chocolate smoothie for breakfast…I am in HEAVEN!!

I add enriched rice milk to give me the extra vitamins I need as well. The shake can be mixed with water if you desire :)

5 ice cubes (I have this down to a science I tell ya!)
1 scoop of VegaOne Chocolate Protein powder
1 Organic banana
1 Cup of Organic Enriched Rice Milk
1 Cup of Water

Blend and enjoy!!



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